Men’s Styling

Fish hairstyling offers affordable, fashion-led and salon developed products, to tackle life with style.

Born in Soho

Fed up with the pompous, prima donna attitude of most hairdressers in the West End, Paul Burfoot decided to open his own place and acquired premises on D’Arblay Street, Soho. Formerly a sex shop, he stripped the walls to find beautiful art deco tiles, revealing the shop used to be a fishmongers – hence the name ‘Fish’ was born.

Starting with two staff, he built up a reputation for a relaxed, down to earth vibe and quality cuts.

Now has a staff of 15 and a turnover of 500 clients a week from all walks of life, from celebrities to barrow boys.

 From Salon to Products

  • In 1995, Paul created the original Fishfingers wax (originally called Fishwax), launching into Harrods.
  • Soon after the launch of the ‘wonder wax’, Paul teamed up with KMI Brands to launch a full range of Fish Soho products in the UK in 2002.
  • Today the brand is present on the high street in the UK and Internationally and offers an affordable fashion-led, salon developed products.

Paul Burfoot says “It gives guys the chance to experience a serious salon quality product at an affordable price.”

Fish Soho Hairstyling

Today the brand carries 3 main ranges:

  • Fish Original:

A selection of everyday essentials to style a man’s way through life. From the original Fishfingers Wax to the bestselling Fishshape Cream, this collection has got something for everyone. With it’s signature coconut twist scent the range has a very solid loyal consumer base.

  • Fish Platinum

With all the benefits of the original range but with a refined fragrance and extra conditioning agents, Platinum is designed for the more discerning gent who’s all about keeping it sophisticated.

  • SuperFish

Performing products with hardcore hold benefits, the SuperFish range is ideal for the non-conformist, adventurous and  be experimental guys.

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