97% Natural haircare, with a cheeky personality and products that pack a punch

Co-founded by Rachel Parsonage and Lorna Mitchell of KMI Brands, Noughty brings a sense of humour to the serious naturals market with a range of 97% natural haircare products, that really pack a punch.

Noughty balances real virtue (think, honesty and natural, non-animal derived ingredients) with a fun, playful and cheeky spirit to make you smile. In other words, Noughty is for every woman who really cares about the world yet doesn’t take herself too seriously, who wants an honest brand she can trust, but who loves to let her hair down.

Noughty haircare is lovingly made in the UK using a vast array of high-performing, good quality natural ingredients.  Free from parabens, sulphates, petrochemicals, and silicones, it’s gentle enough for the whole family including vegetarians, vegans and even the odd pampered pooch.  Using a combination of coconut, olive oil, sea kelp, blue mallow flower and argan oil to name a few, Noughty products smell amazing and quite simply, leave hair feeling great.

With a range to suit all hair types, Noughty is also suitable for extensions and weaves.

  • To the Rescue – The moisture boost, for frizzy and damaged hair.
  • Rise & Shine – Everyday shine, for normal to dry hair.
  • Wave Hello – The curl definer, for curly and wavy hair.
  • Care Taker – The scalp soother, for dandruff-prone, sensitive scalps.
  • Detox Dynamo – The 2 in 1 detoxifier, for lack-lustre, limp hair caused by product build up.