Hair Colouring and Treatment

Scott Cornwall offers tailor-made colour solutions, by transforming professional salon’s best kept secrets into safe, effective and easy-to-use at home hair treatments.

Professional Hair Expert

Scott Cornwall is a pioneer in the field of technical hair colour, treatment and advice, who has gained world-wide recognition as a hair expert and award winning hair product innovator.

Scott’s recognition and success was established with his creation of the ‘Hair Consultancy Method’ a unique set of principles and teachings that enable the individual to not only understand their hair type, but also the cuts, colours and looks that work exclusively for them.

Using his expertise, Scott has translated many of the professional salons best kept secrets into effective and easy to use at home hair treatments.

Teaming up with KMI to bring his product range to life, it now includes everything from colour preparation to correction and enhancement.


With products especially formulated to provide longer lasting colour results

Colour Restore

A salon quality range of temporary colour, with products uniquely formulated to either:

  • Neutralise unwanted tones such as orange and yellow
  • Enhance and produce depth of shade results
  • Tone by producing specific blonde tonal results


A range of solution products to change or correct hair colour, allowing you to either:

  • Create a lighter base in order to recolour to a lighter shade
  • Remove artificial colour in order to bring hair back to its natural base