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28 February 2012 / 11:18

Naked range

Since its launch in 2005 Naked has gone from strength to strength alongside the growing consumer demand for natural products. With favourites established in the bath, body, and hair categories, the natural step for Naked is to expand on an international level with its core line.

Naked grew 30% in 2011 showing there is still strong demand for naturals. Covering five categories from haircare to skincare and last year launching into kids hair, mother and baby, Naked is a brand with staying power. 

As Rachel Parsonage, General Manager of KMI Brands believes “Naked’s brand values resonate with consumers who want peace of mind when buying naturals. It’s incredible value and sense of humour demonstrates that ‘good for you’ can be fun and affordable. International interest has really grown in the last 12-18 months and 2012 is an exciting year launching in yet more new markets” 

Most recently, the Naked Haircare range launched in Hungary in December 2011 in DM Drogerie Markt. “DM Drogerie Markt is Europe’s largest pharmacy chain and in Hungary DM Group has over 200 stores. We are pleased to offer our consumer a new natural product offering with Naked Haircare.” said Mr Varsanyi, Haircare Buyer for DM Hungary.

In February 2012, Naked is launching in Apotek Hjärtat, the leading independent pharmacy retail chain in Sweden. Founded in late 2009 Apotek Hjärtat operates more than 270 pharmacies located all across Sweden. Apotek Hjärtats strategic agenda is to roll-out over 100 new pharmacies while expanding and developing the service offering and product range within the non-prescription segment. The buyer said “With Naked, we want to meet the increasing demand for products that provide best possible quality and care, but also minimizes negative impact on the environment and health. Naked’s products have a format and a communication which we believe attracts a new audience for Apotek Hjärtat. The trend-conscious and community conscious young people, mostly girls, aged approximately 18-35 years. These consumers are actively seeking much information about the products they use and they generally have good knowledge of content and brand.”

Key to the heart of all international expansion is the Naked mantra of being 'Goodness in a Bottle': creating products with lots of natural active extracts without parabens, petrochemicals , or sulphates.

In the UK, Naked Bath and Body, Hair, Kids, Mini and Mama are available at Boots. Naked Skin is available at Superdrug.

All Naked is available online at

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